Sunday, March 20, 2011


I hate to say it but I am winning!
Does this mean I can hang out with Charlie Sheen now? Not that I want to, I mean he's great to watch from a distance but he's like a train wreck, you don't want to get to close to that mess!
So here’s how I won…. My parents in the 70’s got together, I was born, and yada yada yada, Living in Dar awarded me the Stylish blogger Award. Since I just called my best friend about a makeover, maybe I was to quick in my decision, and don’t need a makeover after all hmmmm?! I mean it says I’m Stylish so it must be true.
Part of my responsibilities of holding the title of Stylish blogger Award is to thank my giver. Tima, thank you! She lives in Dar hence the clever title of her blog Living in Dar. Go see her blog, she lives in Dar, you know Africa, where adventures happen in real life!
Another heavy responsibility of holding the title, Stylish blogger Award of March 20, 2011 10:17pm 23 sec., is to tell you 7 thing you wouldn’t already know about me. If you already know my 7 things, fake it!
1.       I wanted to be a nurse, but in high school realized I suck at math, and was kicked out of my chemistry class. Well kicked out is a strong phrase, the teacher and I agreed I wasn’t chemistry material!
2.       I don’t like fish. I’m 35, I’ve tried enough to finally say it and mean it, I don’t like fish.
3.       I admire true vegetarians! (vegetarians who eat fish are not vegetarians) I could never give up a great juicy steak!
4.       The night I met my husband, I told my mom I met the one I was gonna marry, and yes it was my husband.
5.       I broke the same ankle as my mom, at the same time. I was trying to come to her rescue!
6.       Right after Platoon won best picture, I met the respectable, clean, non prostitute seeking, non bi winning, Charlie Sheen and asked him what movies he was in. I was 12.
7.       I allow myself to purchase 5 bad songs a year. I call these my guilty pleasure playlists. These songs are usually top 40, engineered, and targeted at much younger audience then myself.
Finally as my title of Stylish Blogger comes to an end, I’m to share this award with 15 of my favorite blogs. 15!!!! That’s a big number I know 5 and they’ve won already!
Here’s my favorite blogs, go, visit, and follow. They are now winners of the Stylish blogger Award, and it's a lot like a chain letter isn't it?
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